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Valentine's Day: 5 wine and food pairings to enhance your evening


Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate love over a romantic meal. To make the evening even more special, there's nothing like pairing delicious dishes with carefully selected wines.

Starter: Salmon tartare and Champagne

Start your meal with a fresh and fragrant salmon tartare. The delicate notes of the salmon harmonise perfectly with the liveliness and effervescence of a good Champagne. Choose a brut Champagne to accompany this starter, such as Romain Billette's Eveil des Sens cuvée, with its refreshing acidity complementing the texture of the salmon.


Main course : Duck breast and Merlot

For the main course, opt for a tender, flavoursome duck breast. The rich flavours of the meat are a perfect match for the powerful Merlot. Choose a Merlot for its red fruit aromas, fine tannins and lingering finish. For example, you could opt for Château Grand Jean's Cuvée GJ 2019, or Château Malineau's Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2015.

Accompaniment: Gratin dauphinois and Chardonnay

A creamy gratin dauphinois is the perfect accompaniment to a well-balanced Chardonnay. The notes of Chardonnay complement the melting texture of the gratin, creating a harmonious taste experience. Opt for the sumptuous Chablis from Domaine des Trois V, with its aromas of white-fleshed fruit.


Cheese: Mixed cheese platter and dry white wines

A varied cheese platter is a classic option to round off a meal. Opt for dry, fruity white wines to accompany this selection. Vitivalor Wines recommends Domaine Fond Moiroux's Bourgogne Blanc, with its fresh citrus flavours and fruity Conference pear notes, or Domaine Pichard's Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Sec, with its peach and citrus accents.

Dessert: Chocolate fondant and Champagne Rosé

For dessert, an intense chocolate fondant deserves a robust companion. Choose a Rosé Champagne for its rich red fruit aromas and chocolate notes. The combination of this Champagne with the chocolate fondant will create an explosion of flavours on the palate. For example, we recommend Romain Billette's Brut Rosé "La Richesse du Fruit", which is the perfect accompaniment to your chocolate entremet.


Practical advice :

- Serve wines at the right temperature to bring out their flavours.

- Don't hesitate to taste a small glass of wine before cooking to ensure that the flavours are compatible.

- Stick to your personal preferences, because the perfect match is the one that pleases your taste buds.

By following these food and wine pairing suggestions, you'll create a memorable dining experience for your Valentine's Day. Let yourself be swept away by the culinary and vinous delights while celebrating love and romance.

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« L’Eveil des Sens » - Champagne Romain Billette


Bourgogne Blanc – Domaine Fond Moiroux


GJ – Château Grand Jean


Saint-Emilion Grand Cru – Château Malineau


Chablis – Domaine des Trois V


Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh Sec – Domaine Pichard



Champagne Brut Rosé « La Rchesse du Fruit – Champagne Romain Billette



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