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Our services

photo d'une grappe de raisin dans une main de commercial vin

Personalized services to meet
the needs of our customers

In order to meet the needs of each of our customers, always guided by a passion for wine and the search for excellence, Vitivalor Wines offers quality services for professionals in the world of wine.

Winegrowers, agents, wine merchants, sommeliers, wholesalers, restaurateurs and hoteliers: Vitivalor Wines advises and supports you in the sale of quality wine, but also in logistics and distribution, throughout France and abroad.

Vitivalor Wines is proud to offer you unique wines from Domaines & Châteaux, produced with passion, from the vineyard to marketing.

Services "accompagnement de Domaines"de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Wine Estates Support

Every day, our commitment is manifested through a close partnership with the numerous wine estates and châteaux established in the largest wine-growing regions of France.
From the integral management of their estate to the marketing of their wines, we are at their side every step of the way.

Guided by the shared passion for wine and the pursuit of excellence, our Vitivalor Wines and Vitivalor Solutions teams collaborate together to develop targeted sales and marketing strategies, specifically designed to meet customer requirements.

We act as ambassadors of their domain, in order to reveal their history, their know-how and their craftsmanship through our in-depth knowledge of the world of wine and its markets.

Our support extends well beyond: from our tailor-made logistics services to our flexibility, we constantly adapt to their changing needs.

Services "expertise de marché"de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the world of wine of our sales force and the expertise provided by Vitivalor Solutions, Vitivalor Wines knows how to meet the requirements of our professional clients and their consumers, in the distribution of wines and the management of logistics.

Market Expertise

Services "commandes panachables"de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Our platform allows us to adapt at all times to the needs of our professional customers. We offer them the possibility of mixing or grouping their orders of wines from our Domaines & Châteaux in order to simplify their storage.

The majority of our references are eligible for the mixed order. Thus, our customers are not required to order a minimum quantity per reference and can discover the diversity of wines from our Estates and Châteaux in a single shipment.

Mixable orders

Services "plateforme logistique"de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Logistics platform

Our secure, air-conditioned warehouse with a surface area of ​​5,000m² allows the storage of wines from our Domaines & Châteaux in the best possible conditions at a constant temperature of 15° all year round.

Vitivalor Wines controls the entire logistics chain: supplying wines, palletizing boxes, insurance, legal documents, tool management, storage monitoring, preparation and shipping of bottles.

The distribution of wines takes place under optimal conditions, through our leading partners in the transport market.

Because stock monitoring is essential for sales management, we send a stock report every month to each of our Estates & Châteaux in order to precisely monitor stock entries and exits.

Services "commercial vin" de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Sales force

Vitivalor Wines stands out thanks to the power of our sales team. Our internal salespeople, true ambassadors, travel throughout France and renowned trade fairs with determination to highlight the exceptional vintages of our partner Estates and Châteaux.

What strengthens our impact are our independent agents deployed throughout France, but also abroad. Their in-depth knowledge of the wine market and our vintages, as well as the trusting relationships they have built with professional buyers are essential assets. This is how we ensure the sale of your bottles while constantly expanding our network of qualified contacts and sales opportunities.

Each month, we provide you with a detailed statement of the evolution of your stocks. This transparency allows you to closely monitor your sales and adjust your strategies accordingly, with complete precision.

Services "1 facture par commande"" de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

One invoice per order

Vitivalor Wines makes sure to provide you with all the necessary information that will allow you to focus on your customers. As soon as the order is received, our teams do everything possible to prepare the wines selected in our platform and ship them to our professional client.


In order to reduce the administrative impact of order tracking, we send you a single invoice per order, regardless of the number of references ordered. This invoice includes competitive professional rates as well as quantities by reference.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we strive to make the ordering and billing process as smooth as possible.

Service "expédition rapide" de Vitivalor Wines, agent commercial vin

Our logistics platform and centralized storage of our Domaines & Châteaux wines allows us to be responsive in shipping your orders. Thus, thanks to our transport partners, you are delivered in less than 48 hours in mainland France.

We also adapt the transport methods according to the specificities of your customers.

Efficient shipping

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