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We meet the needs of professional buyers (restaurateurs, wine merchants, wholesalers, distributors and importers) thanks to a selection of Domaines and Châteaux, brought together in a large wine list, in France and for export.


and Châteaux

of wine Estates

Vitivalor Wines is first of all a wide list of wines for professionals from all over the world (agents, restaurateurs, hotels, wine merchants, wholesalers, importers) and from Estates, Cellars or Châteaux located in the heart of the most prestigious appellations of all the main French vineyards.

The particularity of Vitivalor Wines lies in our rare capacity to support producers in all of the activities that mark out their value chain. A long and exciting adventure but also a complex process, which starts in the ground and ends in bottles on the markets.

Each of these stages, strategic or operational, therefore corresponds to an expert from among our multidisciplinary teams with proven know-how recognized by more than 10,000 operations.







Therefore, it is not simply a wine that we distribute at Vitivalor Wines but also the fruit of our total involvement as a guarantee of knowledge, quality and mastery to ultimately act as a real sales catalyst. Here is our secret, making supply and demand resonate in unison by establishing ourselves as this still unrivaled force of adjustment!

Market expertise​

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the world of wine of our sales force and the expertise provided by Vitivalor Solutions, Vitivalor Wines knows how to meet the requirements of our professional clients and their consumers, in the distribution of wines and the management of logistics.

Logistics platform​

Our secure, air-conditioned warehouse with a surface area of ​​5,000m² allows the storage of wines from our Domaines & Châteaux in the best possible conditions at a constant temperature of 15° all year round.

An invoice for an order​

In order to reduce the administrative impact of order tracking, we send you a single invoice per order, regardless of the number of references ordered. This invoice includes competitive professional rates as well as quantities by reference.

Frise des services Vitivalor Wines, vente de vin
Support for Estates

From the integral management of their estate to the marketing of their wines, we are at their side every step of the way.

Mixable orders​

Our platform allows us to adapt at all times to the needs of our professional customers. We offer them the possibility of mixing or grouping their orders of wines from our Domaines & Châteaux in order to simplify their storage.

Sales force

Vitivalor Wines stands out thanks to the power of our sales team. Our internal salespeople, true ambassadors, travel throughout France and renowned trade fairs with determination to highlight the exceptional vintages of our partner Estates and Châteaux.

Efficient shipping​

Our logistics platform and centralized storage of our Domaines & Châteaux wines allows us to be responsive in shipping your orders. Thus, thanks to our transport partners, you are delivered in less than 48 hours in mainland France.
We also adapt the transport methods according to the specificities of your customers.

Main qui verse du vin dans un verre


wine Estates

& Châteaux






of vines

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Our wine Estates in France

Wine Estates supported

Carte de France avec la disposition des Domaines qu'accompagne Vitivalor Wines

Logistics platform

Your contacts

Antony Chambon

Anthony Chambon

Commercial director

France - Export

+33 6 88 21 64 35

Thomas Lejeune

Thomas Lejeune

Marketing project manager

& Commercial export

Grégoire Storez

Grégoire Storez

Commercial France - Export

+33 6 11 59 54 54

Marie Mérand

Marie Merand

Commercial assistant

+33 4 69 17 91 28

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