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Tastin' France - Eastern of Europe

Tastin' France, organised by Business France, is a wine marketing event that takes place in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. It aims to promote French wines to professionals and wine lovers in these countries.

The event takes place over several days and features a selection of French wines from different regions. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the different French terroirs and to taste high quality wines.

Our Vitivalor Wines teams will present their wines from our partner wineries and answer your questions.

In addition to the tastings, Tastin' France also offers tasting workshops led by oenology experts. These workshops will allow participants to discover the characteristics of French wines and to better understand the different styles and regions.

The event is also an opportunity for professionals to meet potential buyers and make business contacts. The organisers are also planning BtoB meetings to facilitate exchanges between exhibitors and buyers.

The first event of the Vitivalor Wines export trade tour, Tastin' France is a must for all wine lovers and professionals in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia who wish to discover French wines and meet producers and winery owners. It is an opportunity to discover the different French terroirs, and to participate in tasting workshops led by experts in oenology.

Join us:

- Monday 23 January in Prague, Czech Republic

- Tuesday 24 January and Wednesday 25 January in Vienna, Austria

- Wednesday evening and Thursday 25 January in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We will be able to show you our range of French Domain wines and let you taste them!

We look forward to seeing you there.


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