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SOWINE/Dynata 2024 barometer : Wine is back as the French people's favourite alcoholic drink!

Le vin redevient la boisson alcoolisée préférée des Français !

In this new year, a surprising trend has emerged in French drinking habits: wine is regaining its place as the favourite alcoholic beverage, according to the latest SOWINE/Dynata barometer revealed on Tuesday 26 March. While previous years had seen the rise of beer, spirits and cocktails, wine has regained its coveted throne. It is this major change that has been highlighted in the latest barometer from Sowine, a reference in the field of wine communication and marketing.


According to the data collected, this interest in and love of wine is reflected in the specialist media, and platforms such as Vitisphère and La Revue du Vin de France (RVF) reported this trend with particular interest.


On Vitisphère, an article entitled "Le vin redevient la boisson alcoolisée préférée des Français" (Wine is once again France's favourite alcoholic beverage) highlights this return to favour with French consumers. The article highlights the potential reasons for this turnaround, citing in particular the appeal of natural and organic wines, as well as a return to more authentic consumption patterns rooted in tradition.

La Revue du Vin de France (RVF) also covered the news in depth. The article explores the implications of this trend for the French wine industry, highlighting the importance of producers adapting to this changing market and meeting consumer expectations.


On the demographic side, young adults, who are generally associated with a more spirits- and cocktail-oriented consumption pattern, also seem to be affected by this return to wine. Natural and organic wines, often perceived as more authentic and sustainable, could play an important role in this trend, attracting younger consumers who are concerned about the environment and the quality of the products they consume. Older generations, meanwhile, may be influenced by a nostalgia for the traditions and rituals associated with wine drinking, as well as a preference for the more subtle and complex flavours that only wine can offer.

This renaissance of wine as the alcoholic beverage of choice for the French raises some interesting questions about consumption dynamics and socio-cultural trends in France. As the alcoholic beverage landscape continues to evolve, one thing seems certain: wine retains a special place in the hearts of the French, reconnecting with a cherished tradition and art de vivre.


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