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Couronne de Saveurs: The Perfect Pairing of Wine and Galette des Rois

Champagne Eveil des Sens & Galette des Rois, accords mets et vins champagne et galette des rois pour l'épiphanie
Champagne Eveil des Sens & Galette des Rois

The galette des Rois, that delicious golden pastry, is the undisputed star of Epiphany. But to make the most of this culinary tradition, it's essential to choose the right wines to complement its flavours. The sweetness of the cake and the added ingredients, whether frangipane, chocolate or apple, need to be taken into account. What to drink with the galette des rois?


Why not Champagne or Crémant?

Starting the festivities with a touch of sparkle is always an excellent idea. A brut Champagne like Domaine Romain Billette's "L'Eveil des Sens", or a dry Crémant like Château Grand Jean's Crémant de Bordeaux, adds a welcome freshness that goes perfectly with the flaky texture of the galette. The lightly toasted notes of the wine echo the gilding of the pastry, while the effervescence revives the palate between each bite.

Try Doux Naturels wines

Natural sweet wines such as Muscat de Rivesaltes from Domaine Bellavista, or Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Doux from Domaine Pichard offer a tempting alternative. Their sweetness, balanced by a slight hint of bitterness, goes perfectly with the frangipane, coating the sweet, round character of the galette.


Dare to try a light red wine?

Red wine lovers can turn to light wines such as a Gamay or a Pinot Noir. We can suggest our Moulin à Vent from Domaine Fond Moiroux, our Juliénas Tradition from Domaine des Paquelets or our Fleurie La Tonne from Domaine du Mont Verrier, all three of which are made from Gamay grapes. If you're more of a Pinot Noir addict, Vitivalor Wines suggests the Bourgogne Rouge or Chant Perdrix from Domaine Fond Moiroux, the Kikori rouge from Domaine Clocher Vert or an Irancy "Les Climats" from Domaine Baptiste Bienvenu.

Their soft tannins and fruity aromas provide a delicate contrast to the galette, while maintaining the subtle balance between the frangipane and the puff pastry.


Serving suggestion:

  • Serve wines slightly chilled to accentuate their freshness and aromatic notes.

The Galette des Rois is a gourmet tradition to be celebrated in style, and choosing the perfect wine can turn this moment into a memorable culinary experience. Whether it's an effervescent champagne, a sweet white wine, a vin doux naturel or a light red wine, wine pairings for the Galette des Rois offer an infinite palette of flavours to brighten up your festivities and crown the gustatory pleasure. Here's to you!

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« L’Eveil des Sens » - Champagne Romain Billette


Crémant de Bordeaux – Château Grand Jean


Muscat de Rivesaltes – Domaine Bellavista


Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Doux – Domaine Pichard


Moulin à Vent – Domaine Fond Moiroux


Juliénas « Tradition » - Domaine des Paquelets


Fleurie « La Tonne » - Domaine du Mont Verrier


Bourgogne Rouge – Domaine Fond Moiroux

Chant Perdrix – Domaine Fond Moiroux


Kikori rouge – Domaine du Clocher Vert


Irancy « Les Climats » - Domaine Baptiste Bienvenu »



A little extra: Below is a recipe for a galette des rois :


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