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Awakening of the Vine: From trellising to vineyard protection work

Awakening of the Vine: From trellising to vineyard protection workAwakening of the Vine: From trellising to vineyard protection work

Spring brings its share of novelties to the vineyards! It's a time when the vineyards put on their most beautiful finery, but when the ceaseless work of expert hands is crucial to ensuring a fruitful harvest. In this article, we explore the key stages in the vine's spring life cycle, from trellising to protecting the vineyard.

Pruning: Preparing for the Awakening

As winter gradually gives way to spring, winegrowers continue their pruning efforts into March. This often overlooked but essential stage prepares the vine for the coming season. During this time, the wine, having already finished fermenting, rests, ready to reveal its subtleties after a few months of maturation.


Trellising: The Crucial Structuring Stage

With the arrival of spring, the vines wake up from their winter slumber, and the budburst is a welcome sign for winegrowers. This is when trellising comes into its own. The winegrowers delicately tie the shoots to wires, forming an organised network that will support the vertical growth of the vine. This practice, more than a simple manipulation, is an art that not only supports the vine, but also aerates it and creates shade to protect the delicate bunches. In many vineyards, trellising is not just a mechanical task, but a form of attentive interaction with nature, a way of guiding the vines towards their best expression.


Disbudding: the precise gesture

Disbudding is a delicate stage which involves removing superfluous buds, allowing the vine to concentrate its energy on the most promising buds. It's a meticulous job that requires particular care, as each bud removed can have an impact on the coming harvest.

Protecting the vineyard: Guardians of the earth

In May, the winegrowers redouble their efforts to protect their precious vineyards. From meticulous ploughing to eliminate weeds to preventive spraying against dreaded diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, every action is aimed at ensuring the health and vigour of the vines. Pruning, which involves removing unwanted shoots, is another crucial stage in maintaining the vine's balance and promoting optimum growth.


Actions to be observed: Re-branching, Planting and Relevage

In addition to the usual tasks, other actions may be necessary to optimise the health and productivity of the vineyard. Re-broaching (i.e. planting young vines in place of dead vines), planting new vines and lifting vines are all essential practices that help to shape the future of the vineyard.

In conclusion, spring in the vineyards is a time of frenetic activity and renewal. From meticulous trellising to vigilant protection of the vineyard, every gesture by the winegrowers is a declaration of love to the land and its fruit. As the first green leaves adorn the vines, it is with optimism and determination that the winegrowers welcome a new season of promise and challenge.


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