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Sparkling Cuvées to Brighten Your Christmas Holidays

Les Cuvées Étincelantes pour Illuminer Vos Fêtes de Noël

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to prepare a gift that will make your loved ones' eyes shine. Nothing symbolizes the magic of the holidays better than sharing a good bottle of wine or spirits. That is why we have selected for you some of the most sparkling cuvées in our catalogue, which will delight lovers of good bottles. Whether you are looking for an elegant gift for a wine lover or a delicious surprise for your loved ones, discover our special selection of cuvées for Christmas.

Les Cuvées Étincelantes pour Illuminer Vos Fêtes de Noël - romain billette ratafia
Ratafia de champagne - Romain Billette

Romain Billette’s Ratafia (Champagne): A winter delight

The Ratafia de Champagne of the house Champagne Romain Billette is an essential cuvée for the Christmas holidays. This delicious liqueur wine is made from Champagne grape must and Champagne marc brandy. Its sweet and sweet taste, with aromas of candied fruit and spices, makes it a perfect choice to accompany Christmas desserts. It also goes wonderfully with foie gras, mature cheeses, or simply as an aperitif to open the festivities. Offer a bottle of Ratafia de Champagne Romain Billette to bring a touch of warmth and conviviality to your Christmas table!

Les Cuvées Étincelantes pour Illuminer Vos Fêtes de Noël
Cuvée Grande Dame - Domaine Mont Verrier

The cuvée «Les Grandes Dames» from Domaine du Mont Verrier (Beaujolais): Elegance and refinement

The cuvée «Les Grandes Dames» of the Domaine du Mont Verrier is the ideal gift for lovers of high-end wine. This exceptional cuvée is produced in limited quantities (only 600 bottles) and is made of 100% black gamay with white juice. Its soil made of hard limestone and loaded with iron oxide and crinoid or gryphea marine fossils (oyster fossils) gives the result of an exceptional Beaujolais Pierres Dorées. Its aromas of red fruits, violet and peony, as well as its intense garnet color offer an incredible tasting experience. You can combine it with spicy dishes, risotto or marinated white meats, enough to offer a good meal! Offer the cuvée «Les Grandes Dames» for Christmas holidays full of refinement and sophistication.

Les Cuvées ÉtincelLes Cuvées Étincelantes pour Illuminer Vos Fêtes de Noëlantes pour Illuminer Vos Fêtes de Noël
Domaine Bellavista - Muscat de Noël et Rivesaltes Ambré

Rivesaltes Ambré du Domaine Bellavista: A hidden treasure

L'Ambré de Bellavista is a rare cuvée that will please lovers of sweet wines. This wine is made from perfectly ripe Grenache and Macabeu grapes and is then aged in barrels. The result is a wine of a deep amber color, with aromas of dried fruits, honey, and caramel. The Rivesaltes Ambré de Bellavista is ideal to accompany strong cheeses, fruit desserts, or even to taste alone at the end of the meal. Offer this hidden treasure to surprise the greedy palates of your loved ones during Christmas.

Magnums to share with family or friends: Conviviality in the spotlight

To bring a touch of conviviality to your Christmas celebrations, nothing like sharing a Magnum. Opt for a Magnum and make your moment even more festive. Magnums are perfect for large tables and allow to celebrate with style. Choose from our selection of Magnums to find the one that will make your guests' eyes shine.

In conclusion, whether you are looking to offer an exceptional gift or to share warm moments with family and friends, our selection of cuvées for the Christmas holidays will meet your expectations. Ratafia, Cuvée Grande Dame, Amber and our Magnums to share will allow you to celebrate the holiday season in the purest tradition, surrounded by those you cherish. Make this period unforgettable by tasting exceptional wines that will delight your senses and warm your hearts. Good preparation of Christmas to all, and health!

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AOC Ratafia de Champagne – Champagne Romain Billette

AOC Beaujolais Pierres Dorées « Les Grandes Dames » – Domaine du Mont Verrier

AOC Rivesaltes Ambré – Domaine Bellavista

Our Magnum Selection – Variegated Areas :


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